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The unified information system on the Great Oceans situation

Russian (WIN)

"Formation of a unified information system on the Great Oceans situation" is a subprogram of Federal Target Program "The Great Oceans", approved by The Government of the Russian Federation.
The unified information system on the Great Oceans situation (UISGO) is a government information system, meant to supply the public authorities and economy control, the Armed forces, scientific institutions, businessmen and other juridical and natural persons with information on the Great Oceans situation.
UISGO is based on the already existing departmental information systems of oceanography orientation. The principal line of development on UISGO - is expansion and integration of these systems with the purpose of achievement of a principally new level in data supplying for customers on information of the Great Oceans situation and other information.

The UISGO objectives:

    management efficiency increase of investigation, monitoring and use of the Great Oceans resources;

    development and integration of departmental information systems and data centers, reliability increase of state information resources on the Great Oceans situation,

    formation of a unified informational and technological space on the problems of the Great Oceans and the Russian Federation ocean littoral;

    quantitative and qualitative development of the users information support with the data information on the Great Oceans situation in regulated form and on demand.

The achievement of the above said objectives implies provision by the UISGO of the following problems:
    the marine environment and littoral currant state monitoring support and data storage in the system centers;

    introduction of the unified information-technological on the system data domain;

    formation and introduction of database and data banks on the Great Oceans problems;

    data and information provision in operative and delayed modes for the marine activity support;

    time-proof and assured data storage on the Great Oceans;

    cooperation with national and international information systems, including participation in the international programs

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