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Ocean Remote Sensing System

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The Space System Okean-01 has been operating since 1983, starting from experimental launches of Kosmos-1500 satellites. Spacecrafts Okean-01 provide radar, microwave and optical images of Earth for the purposes of sea navigation, fishery and coastal shelf usage. One of main tasks of ocean sensing satellites is coverage of ice situation in Arctic and Antarctic regions and Northern seas, to provide for shipping in complicated ice conditions. The most valuable weather-independent information in cloudy conditions in any time of the day can be obtained from RLS-BO side-looking radar and information-gathering system from autonomous sea and ice stations. Spacecrafts Okean-01 operate on near-polar circular orbits with altitude 600-650 km, inclination 82-83 °.

Okean-01 Regular Onboard Equipment

Instrument Main parameters
Side-looking radar RLS-BO Resolution - 1.5-2.0 km
Swath - 450 km
Wavelength - 3.2 cm
UHF-radiometer (RM-08) Resolution - 15 km
Swath - 550 km
Wavelength - 0.8 cm
Multichannel average-resolution scanning device (MSU-S) Resolution - 370 km
Swath - 1100 km
Spectral bands - 0.6-0.7 um; 0.8-1.1 um
Multichannel low-resolution scanning device (MSU-M) Resolution - 2 km
Swath - 1900 km
2 channels
Spectral bands - 0.5-0.6 um; 0.6-0.7 um; 0.7-0.8 um; 0.8-1.1 um
Kondor - system for collection and transmission of data from sea and ice stations Transmission of data from stations, stations geopositioning
Radio channels
465.0 MHz
137.0 MHz
Downlinking to ground stations (main centers)
Downlinking to network of autonomous stations

Satellite's information system operates in both direct transmission mode and recording to on-board recorder mode with later downlink to ground station. Onboard processing combines in a single frame images of the same surface region produced by RLS-BO, RM-08 and MSU-M instruments to the same scale and close ground resolution.

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