Dedicated to 40th anniversary of the
first artificial Earth satellite launch
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"SPUTNIK" Server

joint project of SRC PLANETA Rosgidromet and IKI RAN

The project has been developed and is supported by joint cooperation of Ground microprocessing information systems SRC "PLANETA" and Space Monitoring Information Support laboratory (IKI RAN)

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Russian Geostationary Weather Satellite "Elektro" (GOMS)
Space System METEOR-3
Space System METEOR-3M
Ocean Remote Sensing System OKEAN-01
Ocean Remote Sensing System OKEAN-O
Earth Remote Sensing System RESURS-01
Satellites data catalogs

Weather Satellites NOAA
Geostationary Weather Satellite METEOSAT
The unified information system on the Great Oceans situation (UISGO)
Information for acquisition and processing of data

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