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"SPUTNIK" Server

The SPUTNIK Server is a joint project of SRC "Planeta", Russian Commitee for Hydrometeorology and Space Research Institute (IKI RAN) It has been launched and is supported by Division of ground microprocessor information systems of SRC "Planeta" and Space Monitoring Information Support (SMIS) laboratory of Space Research Institute (IKI RAN).
The main task of this server is to provide information about Russian weather satellites. You will find here information about the following satellites:
The server shows the operation schedule for these satellites; they updated weekly. Requests for data acquisition and processing are planned to be accepted in near future.
All satellite data on this server has been received and processed by SRC "Planeta" and IKI RAN acquisition centers.
Beyond Russian satellites, these centers receive and process information from NOAA series satellites and geostationary weather satellite METEOSAT. This information is also available on our server.
In future we'll be glad to have the SPUTNIK server contain information from developers of Russia's satellite systems, as well as information about possibilities of use of data acquired from these spacecrafts.
Your remarks and comments are welcome by e-mail: info@sputnik.infospace.ru
We hope that the SPUTNIK server will be useful for Russian satellite systems' users, and possibly, will be able to expand the community of satellite data users.

For information send a mail to: info@sputnik.infospace.ru

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